Terms and Conditions for the Trials

The Sindh Premier League brings to you an unprecedented opportunity to showcase your talent and become a part of the Draft as a Sindhi Emerging Cricketer. Please make sure you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the trials.

  • Complete the online registration form.
  • Your domicile must be from Sindh to be eligible for selection.
  • Aspiring Sindhi cricketers who are under the age of 23 at the start of the tournament will be eligible to participate in the selection process.
  • The trials will be conducted in different cities of Sindh, please make sure that you have selected the right city and dates (if and when applicable) before appearing for the trials.
  • Make sure you are at the venue well before the trials start.
  • Kindly bring your own equipment to the trials (helmet, pads, bat, keeping gloves etc). For the bowlers, cricket balls will be provided.
  • The coaches will be handling the process of shortlisting players. Final decision rests with the coaches.
  • Any kind of misbehavior and misconduct with the management officials and/or coaches will not be tolerated.
  • Any one player can only participate once in the trials for a given season. If caught for trying to make multiple attempts, you may be disbarred from participating in the Sindh Premier League trials in the future.
  • Failure to comply with any of the conditions stated above can result in your disqualification from the selection process.

It is advised to bring a cap, a water bottle and any other provisions that you may require.