Game On: Sindh Premier League Sparks the Next Era of Cricket Brilliance in the Heart of Sindh

Karachi, 11 January 2024 – The Sindh Premier League (SPL) embarks on a transformative journey, celebrating untapped talent, cultural richness, and cricketing excellence in the vibrant province of Sindh. In a groundbreaking 10-year progressive agreement with the Sindh Provincial Government, the SPL emerges not just as a tournament but as a movement, led by the unwavering vision of Governor Sindh Kamran Khan Tessori, League Chairman Malik Aslam and League CEO Chaudhry Shahzad Akhtar.

Governor Sindh Kamran Khan Tessori, a passionate advocate and ambassador at large for the league, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “The Sindh Premier League is not merely a cricket tournament; it’s an anthem of potential. A celebration of our heritage, an embodiment of limitless possibilities within the realm of cricket.”

Malik Aslam, Chairman of Sindh Premier League, added his insights, “The Sindh Premier League is not just a cricketing platform; it’s a transformative journey for both players and fans alike. We aim to redefine cricketing brilliance and make a lasting impact on the sports landscape in Sindh.”

Chaudhry Shahzad Akhtar, CEO of SPL, emphasized, “In the heart of Sindh, we are setting the stage for a cricketing revolution. The SPL is not just a league; it’s a celebration of our cricketing heritage, a platform for talent, and a promise of unparalleled entertainment for cricket enthusiasts.”

Arif Malik, President of SPL, echoed this sentiment, adding, “We have toiled tirelessly to unite talent, tradition, and opportunity in a way that’s unprecedented. The SPL is more than just a sports event; it’s a movement to restore Sindh’s prominence, and we are committed to providing a world-class platform for our budding stars.”

Naveed Ahmad, Director of Operations for SPL, shared his perspective, “Our commitment goes beyond the field. The Sindh Premier League is a culmination of meticulous planning, dedication, and a vision to create a cricketing spectacle that resonates with the passion of Sindh.” Sindh Premier League is committed to cricket excellence, youth development, and community engagement. With dedicated sponsors and team owners, the SPL promises an exciting cricketing experience, seamlessly blending skill with the rich history and culture of Sindh.

The league management earnestly requests support from public and private entities to join us in backing the SPL—a community-focused league that unites Sindh, cricket fans, and the broader community. In essence, the SPL stands as a hub of talent and culture, shaping the future of cricket in the region.

About Sindh Premier League
The Sindh Premier League (SPL) is a groundbreaking cricket tournament celebrating the talent, culture, and untapped potential within the vibrant province of Sindh. With a 10-year progressive agreement with the Sindh Provincial Government, the SPL aims to reshape the cricketing landscape and bring Sindh to the forefront of the national stage. Governed by a commitment to quality, competitiveness, and fan engagement, the SPL promises to be a compelling addition to Pakistan’s cricketing legacy.